After about a year passed since we had started MMORPG, there was a period when we needed to be temporarily paused by some extrinsic factors. If there is enough free time, it is only a matter of maintaining the digital connection or not. However, without changing the order of priority, it is certainly inevitable sometimes to step back in such a way, similarly difficult to prevent from it for various reasons.

Anyway, thanks to the virtual meeting with players via FFXIV, especially in order not to forget their pure sincerity which touched us deeply, as well as to find us there as soon as the resumption is possible, we launched this site, although the update is presumed as irregular. The way to respect others in Japanese culture is admirable, so that we believe to be obliged to learn what can be applicable to our so-called real daily life. In order for us to take advantage of the virtual environment of FFXIV as a social network, we have also launched other SNS accounts that lead you here. Nevertheless, as indicated above, please excuse us in advance for not being able to update regularly.

During periods that prevent us from being connected, we intend to collect ideas regarding the virtual experiences of MMORPG. Not only are those based on the preparation and the method of installation and equipment presented to welcome novice players, but also it is important to valorise the etiquette that is not respected even by “veteran” players. Because this is a precious space that we share, it is better to maintain together a respectful community, without hesitation to do so, as well as to “have some fun” instead of bringing there negative feelings of real life. If we do not forget avoiding pejorative and/or condescending expressions, while taking care of novice players, it is quite possible that we can find here online the real social value more effectively.

In addition, our goal in launching this site is basically to target any possibility of integrating our ideals by narrowing the gap of experiences between real and virtual with positive elements. If we consider that video games as a tool to seek temporary evasion, it is necessary to vectorise our emotional impulses on our ideals instead of displacing our frustrations of the reality into the virtual world. Otherwise, the true value of MMORPG shall be lost in the banal cacophony of real life. Therefore, the information transmitted from this site is not only about the virtual experience, but also based on the premise that we will explore and spread “Like” that we can find. In other words, please be advised in advance that published articles, images, and videos shall not remain uniquely virtual.

Creating an avatar, through projecting into the virtual world a part of the real self that can not be represented in reality, with the experience shared with other players, can be useful as a stage of psychosocial exercises to overcome personal obstacles of real life. When you do not know their real identity, it sometimes allows you to express latent thoughts and suppressed feelings more effectively, as well as to rectify them before making mistakes in daily life. Above all, we can go on an extraordinary adventure in the virtual world of FFXIV with friends, finding that MMORPG is a good way, superior to other SNS !!

Let this wonderful MMORPG be prosperous as long as possible.